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DETAIL CR7 products are designed and manufactured with an attention to detail seldom found in men’s underwear. Luxuriously smooth and carefully structured bands, ombre patterns and convenient travel bags are just some of the design features that elevate CR7 Underwear.


LONGEVITY Launched by Cristiano Ronaldo and Danish manufacturer JBS Textile Group, in 2013, this sustainably focused, fashion forward brand has turned fans of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, into returning fans of his beautifully made, durable products. Cristiano's legacy of perpetual motion, individuality and triumphs is threaded into each unforgettable collection of men and boy's clothing. 

SUSTAINABILITY  CR7's manufacturer, JBS Textile Group A/S, has been CSR and sustainability focused for years, ensuring the company's products are produced with respect for people and our environment. JBS is also innovative. With an increasing demand for bamboo clothing JBS, in 2021, secured FSC certification for their bamboo clothing, becoming the first manufacturer in the world to produce a series of bamboo underwear where not only is the raw material FSC-certified, but the entire supply chain. With the help of JBS, a leader in manufacturing for over 80 years, CR7 Underwear is not only attractive and high performing, it's thoughtfully produced and packaged, with respect for the environment.