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Beautifully made clothing

What's hot in 2024?

Stop by your local CR7 Underwear retailer for this season's hottest styles. Visit our buying guide and SHOP menu, above, for locations in your region.

2025 sneak peak...

A balance between soft and bold, classic and unique, 2025 will be another great year, at CR7.

More than just underwear!

Since 2013, CR7 Underwear has been creating high quality trunks and briefs. These days, our line includes modern design bathrobes, lightweight and cozy loungewear and socks.

What's trending?

CR7 Underwear's 2013-2023, 10th Anniversary commemorative black and gold gift box, featuring '7' gorgeously designed trunks. Produced in limited quantities, you can purchase this gift box from authorized retailers. Look out for CR7 Premium black and silver '7' trunk gift-box, coming soon!

Traveling this summer?

Stay organized, on the go. Take along a top selling CR7 travel kit including 5 CR7 trunks, or briefs, zipped up in a convenient CR7 logo bag.

CR7 5-pack travel bags

Good looking and convenient, our 5-pack travel bags, men and boy's varieties, are a fan favorite. Our top selling black & gold version, shown here, offers the best of both worlds featuring both organic cotton blend and microfiber blend trunks.

CR7 Boy's Collection

CR7 Underwear's trunks and briefs, pajamas and socks are designed to be both comfy and resilient, in cool styles. Kids love their 'Cristiano Ronaldo' gear. Parents love the quality.

Why CR7?


CR7 collections are designed and manufactured with an attention to detail seldom found in men’s underwear. Luxuriously smooth and fitted bands with exterior and interior prints, gorgeous ombre patterns and convenient travel bags are just some of the design elements that elevate CR7 Underwear. Sustainably focused materials and manufacturing meets high performing clothing.

Expect nothing less than greatness from a CR7 brand.

CR7 excellence and innovation

CR7 Underwear's producer, JBS Textile Group A/S, was the first manufacturer in the world to make a series of bamboo underwear where not only the raw material was FSC-certified, but the entire supply chain; from bamboo plantation and viscose extraction, spinning, knitting, and finished underwear production.

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Cristiano's legacy of perpetual motion, individuality and triumphs is threaded into each unforgettable collection of men and boy's clothing. Watch video, to see where it all began.

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