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Beautifully made underwear, loungewear, bathrobes and socks.

CR7 5-Pack Travel Bags

Good looking and convenient, our 5-pack travel bags are a fan favorite. Our top selling black & gold version, shown here, offers the best of both worlds featuring both organic cotton blend and microfiber blend trunks. Zip up and stay organized on the go, or right at home.

CR7 Underwear's 10th Anniversary Collection

CR7 Underwear has curated a very special anniversary collection. Deeply masculine and refined, in pallets featuring molten gold, slate and merlot and constructed with materials, both high performing and beautiful, our 10th Anniversary Collection is a testament to the legacy behind the brand, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Our Fall 2023 to Spring 2024 collections are grounded in sophistication with a nod toward vintage. Take a look.

From Fall to Winter

Here's some of this season's warm colors, and handsome designs.

Arriving March 2024

Retro Vibes



CR7 collections are designed and manufactured with an attention to detail seldom found in menโ€™s underwear. Luxuriously smooth and fitted bands with exterior and interior prints, gorgeous ombre patterns and convenient travel bags are just some of the design elements that elevate CR7 Underwear.

Sustainably focused materials and manufacturing meets high performing, attractive clothing. Expect nothing less than greatness from a CR7 brand.

CR7 Underwear

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